Tasting is Feeling

How to Vers'eau

set the mood

Like sunsets on the lake, Vers'eau helps you shift perspective and keep you present for what matters most. Developed by sommeliers and beverage fanatics, its flavor unlocks a whole new zero proof world. Start by adding ~1 part Vers-eau to ~2 parts sparkling water, preferably chilled. Now go find the party without losing yourself.


For all seasons & all reasons

Serve with soda on ice during the swimming season, swirl and sip slowly beside the Autumn campfire, or sneak it alongside your favorite spirit for some deep holiday warmth.


The Seau & So

2oz Vers'eau
4oz sparkling water

Tinto de Lago

1.5oz Vers'eau
3oz soda
1oz grapefruit juice
mint leaves

Sufjan Stevens

1.5oz Vers'eau
1oz cranberry juice
.5oz lemon juice
3oz ginger beer


1oz Vers'eau
2oz spirit of choice
stirred & served up with orange peel


The seasons craft
      a sequence of the self.

Not unlike the sets of waves,
      where the Lake

hands out and reaching, says
      “yes we were here together.”

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